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CAFE • R E S T A U R A N T • F A M I L Y  V E N U E
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Main Menu


Minestrone Soup (V) £3.95

Italian style home made vegetable soup

Tonno e Fagioli £6.75

A salad of tuna flakes, roast peppers, onions and Italian borlotti beans

Garlic Mushrooms (V) £6.75

Fresh mushrooms cooked in a white wine & cream sauce

Chicken Liver Pate £6.75

Home made with chicken livers, brandy, garlic & fresh rosemary

Deep Fried Whitebait £6.95

Served with home-made tartare sauce

Melanzane Parmigiana (V) £7.25

Freshly sliced aubergine, cooked in egg and baked with tomatoes and parmesan cheese

Mozzarella in Carrozza (V) £7.25

Fresh sliced mozzarella cheese, in breadcrumbs, pan-fried served with fresh tomato sauce & basil

Insalata Caprese (V) £7.25

Slices of fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato & basil dressed with olive oil & lemon juice

Savoury Pancakes £7.25

Filled with meat & mushrooms, oven baked in tomato & white wine sauce

Calamari Fritti £7.50

Rings of calamari, deep fried & served with tartare sauce

Prawn Cocktail £7.50

Best quality prawns in a cream & brandy ‘marie rose’ sauce, served on a bed of lettuce leaves

Duck Salad £7.50

Slices of roast duck breast with cherry tomatoes & mixed green salad

Goujons of Fresh Fish £7.95

Pieces of fresh fish in breadcrumbs, deep fried, served with tartare sauce

Antipasto Italiano £8.25

Mixed slices of cured Italian meats & cheeses

(Add £3.00 to starter price for main course portion)

Garlic Bread Pizza

With tomato (V) £4.50

With garlic, olive oil & fresh rosemary (V) £4.50

With sun-blushed tomatoes & fresh pesto sauce (V) £5.00


Toasted Italian bread with:

Fresh chopped tomatoes, olive oil & garlic (V) £4.25

Feta cheese, fresh tomatoes & olive oil (V) £5.00

Parma ham and roasted vegetables £5.50

Mixed toppings - one each of the above £5.00


(Prices: Starters/Main)

Penne Napoletana (V) £6.50, £8.50

Penne pasta with fresh tomato sauce

Fusilli Puttanesca (V) £6.95, £8.95

Pasta twists in a spicy tomato sauce with garlic, chillies & olives

Penne Arrabbiata (V) £6.95, £8.95

Penne pasta with garlic, basil, capers, olives and tomato with a touch of chilli

Spaghetti Bolognese £6.95, £8.95

Spaghetti topped with home-made Bolognese sauce

Penne Pollo E Funghi £7.25, £9.25

Penne pasta with chicken and mushrooms in a cream sauce

Fettuccine Alfredo £7.25, £9.25

Egg pasta with ham, peas & cream sauce

Lasagna Casalinga £7.25, £9.25

Traditional lasagne with Bolognese sauce, cheese & tomato

Cannelloni Di Pollo £7.25, 9.25

Pasta stuffed with minced chicken, oven baked with tomato & béchamel sauce

Cannelloni Alla Ricotta (V) £7.25, £9.25

Pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese & spinach oven baked with tomato & béchamel sauce

Rigatoni Vegetariana (V) £7.25, £9.25

Pasta tubes with mixed roasted vegetables

Fusilli Primavera (V) £7.50, £9.50

Pasta twists with sun-blushed tomatoes, asparagus tips, garlic & olive oil, with

parmesan shavings

Fettuccine Al Salmone £7.50, £9.50

Egg pasta with a fresh salmon & cream sauce

Linguine Alla Rucola (V) £7.50, £9.50

Linguine pasta with cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, black olives & parmesan shavings

Rigatoni Rustica £7.50, £9.50

Pasta with tomato, aubergine, Italian sausage basil & garlic

Linguine Pescatore £8.25, £10.25

Linguine pasta with mixed fresh fish of the day

(Gluten free Penne or Spaghetti with any sauce, £1.00 extra)


Margherita (V) £8.50

Traditional pizza with tomato, cheese & oregano

Napoli £8.95

Tomato, cheese, anchovies, capers, garlic & basil

Prosciutto £8.95

Tomato, cheese & ham

Funghi (V) £8.95

Tomato, cheese & fresh mushrooms

Piccante £9.25

Tomato, cheese & spicy pepperoni sausage

Spicy Vegetariana (V) £9.50

Tomato, cheese, peppers, artichokes, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes & chilli oil

Calzone Vegetariana (V) £9.50

Folded pizza stuffed with fresh vegetables & cheese

Primavera (V) £9.50

Cheese, sun-blushed tomatoes, black olives & asparagus tips

Quattro Stagioni £9.95

Tomato, cheese, artichokes, ham, peppers & prawns

Calzone Kiev £9.95

Folded pizza stuffed with chicken, garlic butter, spinach & cheese

Salumi Misti £9.95

Cheese, olive oil, with mixed Italian meats

(with or without tomato base)

Saporita £9.95

Tomato, chargrilled vegetables, sliced duck & parmesan shavings

Affamato £10.25

The one with a bit of everything!

Pescatore £10.95

Tomato, cheese & mixed fresh fish of the day

Marinetti’s £10.95

Mozzarella, fresh sliced tomato, Parma ham, rocket, parmesan shavings, home-made pesto


Pollo Alla Griglia £13.95

Charcoal grilled breast of chicken with olive oil & lemon

Pollo Alla Crema £14.95

Breast of chicken cooked in a rich cream, mushroom and white wine sauce

Pollo Siciliana £14.95

Chicken breast cooked in onions, peppers, olives, red wine and tomato sauce

Vitello Alla Milanese £14.95

Escalopes of veal in breadcrumbs, pan-fried, served with spaghetti napoletana

Saltimbocca Alla Romana £14.95

Escalopes of veal topped with Parma ham & fresh sage, cooked in demi-glace & white wine sauce

Duck Ananas £15.95

Sliced breast of duck served in pineapple sauce with morello cherries & brandy

Duck Al Pepe Verde £15.95

Sliced breast of duck served in a cream & green peppercorn sauce

Lamb All’erbe £15.95

Boneless loin of lamb with a mint & rosemary sauce

Bistecca Alla Pizzaiola £16.95

Prime 12oz. sirloin steak (uncooked weight) cooked in a tomato sauce with garlic, capers & fresh basil

Scaloppa Di Manzo £16.95

Beef steak, flattened, charcoal grilled with rosemary & olive oil

Fish and Seafood dishes change daily

... see Specials Board


Potatoes and seasonal vegetables £2.95

Chips £2.95

Mixed Salad £2.95

Green Salad £2.95

Tomato & Onion Salad £2.95

Peas, Bacon and Lettuce £3.25

Zucchine Fritte £3.25

Spinach £3.25

Rocket and Parmesan £3.95